Monday, August 14, 2006

My KSKS Pal Rocks!

I received my KSKS package actually on Saturday, but I have been procrastinating about taking pictures. Not because I don't like what I got (because I truly love everything I got), but because I have been either lazy or really really busy. Either is a good candidate, I guess.

My pal was Tisha of Crazy about Sox, which is a really cute blog.

So here is the package in all it's glory. Lots and lots of beautiful stuff. The bag is fully reversible and has lots of pockets (pockets = good)! She really has good taste and used lots of pretty floral prints, including 2 project bags that were actually serged at the bottom! They are really cute and I am sure that I will put them to good use. She then sent me a big bag of skittles, which made my day, though my husband was eyeing them and was very disappointed that he had to wait until I took pictures of them. They came in a really cute mug.

One of my favorite things are these handmade stitch markers. Now, secretly, I have been longing for a set of handmade stitch markers. It has been one of the reasons that I keep joining swaps. I'm sure that if I sat down and really thought about it I could have come up with stitch markers on my own, but I figured it would be easier to just keep joining swaps until I got a set. This set totally rocks! They are in purple and blue, which you might have noticed are two of my favorite colors.

Then the piece de resistance is my sock pattern. She made me a fair isle lavender sheep sock pattern! That means that I am going to have my very own Lavendersheep Socks! *happy dance* She even included this miniature sock as an example of the pattern. I am going to have to remember that for future reference. My poor pal got some very nice diagrams, but no adorable sock like this one. I hope that she can forgive me =P. Overall, I love the entire package. She really did do an excellent job of figuring out what I would like. Great job!

Coming Soon: The packages I sent out. My pal that I was sending stuff to for One Skein was Bev of Pomo Golightly, who may have a post up about her package before I post, so go check it out. I probably will have a post up soon about those packages. Also, I should have a post up about knitted objects soon. I actually have progress!

In fire news: We can smell smoke today, but I think that it is because of the wind shifting. It is also right across the Hood River from where we went camping earlier this summer, which is odd to think about. It is 10% under control, which is definately better!


Dave said...

Great KSKS package, and beautiful stitch markers!

eve knits said...

OOOO!! Nice KSKS package. I just love the lavendar sheep pattern!!

beverly said...

Great package--the mini sock is just precious--wish I'd thought of it!!

I'm hoping the sun will come out so I can get good pix of my package...

tracey said...

Tisha was my dye-o-rama pal and she sent me the most awesome package as well! Whoever gets her for future swaps is lucky indeed!