Saturday, August 12, 2006

Packages and New Yarn

I feel pretty good about myself. I managed to send out both my One Skein Package for August and my KSKS package yesterday.

I decided that I would wait and show what I sent after my pals got their packages. I will show you the boxes though. Hmmm....big beautiful boxes filled with fiber goodness. I think I found some pretty awesome things for my pals too. This also means that I am swap free, at least for a little bit. I think that I will take a break for a bit. Though I will probably join the next Interweave swap, which is a spin to knit swap sometime in September.

Here are three new colorways that will be up in my etsy shop. The one on the left is a new Child's Play, which is for sale in my etsy shop. The original skein, of course, had to go to Campbell. I believe that Sarah is going to make her a shrug out of it. Sarah is also coming up with new and fascinating things to do with sock yarn which are well worth peeking at her blog. The skein in the middle I made myself and named Pansy Patch, because Pansies are my favorite flower. I think it is really cute and flowery looking. The last skein on the right was created by my husband. He wanted to get in on the sock yarn action too, so he created this colorway, which we decided to name California Poppy. He was thinking of manly colors, so I teased him that it was made for men by a man. He really has good color sense and it is always fun to see what he comes up with.

In other knitting news: Erika posted up on her blog Redshirt Knitting a link to these little guys. I think that they are really adorable and had to post it up on my blog too. I think a small army of them for Christmas would be really cute.

In other news news: there is a forest fire burning up on Mount Hood outside of Government Camp, which is about 45 miles away from us. I don't think that it is too likely that we will be evacuated or anything, but it does put a damper on camping and things, at least up on Mt. Hood. We are keeping an eye on it, though, and hope that it doesn't come too near to civilization.


Erika said...

Aren't those little guys the cutest? I have about 1/5th a bottle of cooking wine in my cupboard - I think the remainder will have to be sacrificed in the name of cork gnomes!

beverly said...

I just opened my package from you--I LOVE it--so thoughtful and wonderful!! The scarf is just fabu--I can't wait for the weather to get cooler so I can wear it!

Thank you so much. I'm going to run and take pictures of everything now! xxx