Thursday, August 10, 2006

Yarn Updates and Commission

I received my first commission request using Alchemy for my shop. I've been meaning to mention it here too that I will do commissions. It may not be exactly like what I have done before, since everything I do is unique, but it will be similar or in the same spirit. I think that I might even consider handspun yarn up for commission as well. All it takes is leaving me a comment with a request and I can send you a quote. Pretty much anything you see here or in my etsy shop is up for commission as long as I can still get the materials.

This is the commissioned yarn. The commission was for a skein of Mountain Sunset Sock yarn. I think that it is pretty close to the last one I did, though maybe a tiny bit more purple. I love that each one is unique, that's what makes it fun and keeps my job interesting. Speaking of which, I finally put up Corduroy and Mulberry Bush. I dyed a couple more skeins the other day and they should be up soon as well with bright and brand new colorways.

In other yarn news, this is my latest handspun skein. I named it Mermaid. It is a little heavier than fingering and a little lighter than sport. Ideally it should be knit on a 3 or 4. It would make excellent sock yarn, since it is made from Superwash and Tencel (hence the shimmer). It is for sale at Knot Another Hat and should be up on the website soon, if it hasn't already sold. I've been having trouble lately with people buying my yarn before it is even put into the system down there. It's awesome for me, but not so awesome for my display of yarn that I am trying to keep filled.

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