Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Packages Revealed!

Finally all will be revealed. I feel especially like I need to put up the ksks package that I sent out because my partner is blogless. I tried to convince her to have a blog, (and I am pretty convincing just ask Sarah or Sabrina) but to no avail. Perhaps she will consider one soon =). Anyway, I will start with my One Skein Package:

As I said yesterday, my one skein pal was Bev of Pomo Golightly. Her favorite color is black, seconded by a combination of pink and green. So, for my first package I sent her a copy of Southwest Trading Companies free pattern for the Quick and Easy Soy Silk Stole and the required 2 balls of Soy Silk. It is a really beautiful stole that is very popular in the store. I would put a link to the pattern, but it appears that they have taken it down from the site. I think Sarah still has it, if you really want a copy.

The second package I sent her a skein of yarn that I handspun in neutral colors, a bag that I had in my stash, a book that was made by Sarah's sister (I really love the gumball machine in the picture), and then (Bev's favorite) ginger candy.

My last package I decided to go all out. I found out that Bev is a spinner. I truly believe that all spinners should have a copy of In Sheep's Clothing, because it goes over a variety of breeds of sheep and the purpose for their fleece. I use it a lot when shopping online because then I can tell if the fleece is going to be soft or not, without having to take the descriptions word for it. You guys have seen the progress on the scarf, which is in autumn mixed with black colors. Then, because Bev was trying to spin sock yarn, I thought I would send her 4 oz of my handpainted superwash roving. The rest are extras, like the bag in the back, more ginger, bookplates, and a couple of reeses.

Here is my KSKS package. I just had to join KSKS, even if Bev was hosting it. My pal was Elizabeth, but she doesn't have a blog. I have been watching the KSKS blog and all the fabulous kits that everyone was sending out. I hope this is adequate. I decided instead of making her two bags, like everybody else, I would send her two sock projects. She has been knitting socks for quite awhile, but vanilla socks on dpns. So I sent her a patterned sock pattern for one skein and a vanilla sock on 2 circs for the second one. Then I sent all the accessories for making her socks.

I had a lot of fun with both of these swaps. I really loved shopping and designing for these two wonderful people.

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Crazy About Sox said...

I am so glad that you like the package, it was a lot of fun to make. The mini sock was an idea from another swap I had done and someone made one for me, I thought it was the cutest! Happy Knitting:)