Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Little Update

I think that life may be slowing down just a little. A wee bit at that, which is a relief after all that Christmas rush. My mitten class is awesome and I just started a learn to knit class which is also awesome. I just love it when I get a group of people that pick up on things quickly and really enjoy learning.

Here is the surprise object I mentioned earlier. I knit a ski mask for my dad for his birthday. Unfortunately it is a little tight right across the nose. So I am going to have to rip it past the eye hole and remake it a little. I think a little nose shaping would make it better. I did start with the Antifreeze pattern from knitty, but I didn't like all the short rows and the shaping, so I just decided to design my own. I thought that a hat with a hole in it would work. It does work too, it's just that I made the bind off too tight around the bottom of the eye hole. I might also make the top longer and have less decreases so it doesn't get so pointy. Oh, details details. I think at times that it can be more difficult to design for men than it can be to design for women. When I get it redone, which hopefully will be in the next week, I'll post a picture of it actually modelled.

In awesome store news: Chrissy is now carrying my yarn on her site Gardiner Yarnworks. Now you can by my lovely one of a kind handpainted yarn with the fabulous Chrissy Gardiner's one of a kind sock patterns. A perfect match I think. You can buy her kits for Mt Hood and Columbia River. Also make sure to check out the rest of her site and her lovely patterns while you are there.

I have finally gotten some time to spin. I miss my spinning so much at times, it really is a comfort to me. This technically isn't the first skein of the new year, but it is close enough. It is called Wildflowers. It is 100% Corriedale Cross and was dyed by the extremely awesome Dicentra Designs. It is for sale at Knot Another Hat. I'm sure that if it isn't listed on my page that you could email Sarah about it if you really want it. I have a second skein as well, I'm just going to save it for the next post. Its name is Strawberry Shortcake to give you a little hint.

In other news: Sarah is making a pair of socks out of Cinder. That's right Cinder, not OSU, no matter what some people might say. I might just have to come up with a lemon lime (aka UO yarn) just to make up for it.

I will now leave you guys with a link to a picture of the cutest Knittin' Kitten! Thank you Cute Overload!


tammy said...

What fantastic colours and textures that yarn has! Beautiful stuff.

ahousefullofboys said...

You and Sarah are so funny.I do think you are on to something with the college colors. People are freaks for that kind of stuff.

knitting bandit said...

Love the Antifreeze, I'm going to have to make a couple of those! Yours is the second that I've seen and the other one also mentioned tightness, I'll have to watch for that. I wanted to give testimony to your wonderful yarn. I just washed my blue rasberry socks and I still love them. I have to confess I probably wore them 2 or 3 times first. I think that sounds gross, I don't do that with storebought. The colors are still beautiful and bright. I was kinda holding my breath, my only other colored handknits have been washed 3 or 4 times and the colors are really fading and blurring. Thanks again for such lovely yarn!

slow unraveling said...

i'm all over the lemon lime (aka UO yarn). i love the cinder socks, but yellow and green rocks! how can you go wrong with the colors of the best school in the world? go ducks!