Wednesday, January 17, 2007


It is definitely cold around here. Yet another winter storm has swept the Northwest. I've lost count of how many storms this year, but it seems like we have gotten a lot this year. Though I must admit that I do love snow. I love how it just frosts everything with this little accent of white. What I hate, though, is that my husband has to head off down the freeway in it. The freeways are pretty clear, but I just don't like anything that makes his commute any more dangerous than it has to be. Thankfully he has made it safely to work everyday and I can breath easy knowing that he is now there safe and warm.

Now what to do during all this winter weather? Why knit, what else? Not much has changed with the entrelac "scarf" (it is going to be in quotes, because 12 x 90 isn't a scarf, but yet it isn't wide enough to be a shawl either).

I have started work on another of my commissions. This is my art deco bag in Chocolate Raspberry. I really love making this bag, it is really fun and simple to make. It is also complex enough that it keeps me interested throughout it. Though I am biased, since I am the one that designed it. The pattern is for sale there in the sidebar or you can visit my etsy shop.

Ok, so I have actually started a 2nd project. I would show you, but it is a gift, so probably next week, with some nice modelling and such. There isn't much progress on the Anemoi's either. I have about 1/4 of the cuff done. It is a really fun project, but I should probably go back to being responsible and work some more on some knit things that I am actually being paid for. Onto the Entrelac!

Website News: Gallery page has been updated again! Just keep those photos coming!

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Penny said...

it's cold here too, but what is worse is we aren't used to it yet! i'm wearing a pair of store socks and a pair of handknits. my feet are still frozen. yay for nice happy handknits on cold snowy days!