Monday, January 08, 2007

Lots of New Things

I have so many new things to talk about:

So, let's start this out by announcing that my new website is up and running! I am very happy about it. For one thing there is now a gallery of Finished Objects from people using my very own yarn. Feel free to contribute anytime and I will add your photo, any comments you might have, and your blog site. I am also really happy that I now have a yarn gallery that lists just about all of the colorways that I have created. So, if you are thinking of having a yarn custom dyed then they are all listed right there. Either that or you can peruse through the gallery and if something really grabs you and you can't find it in my shop then you can custom order it for the same price as just buying out of the shop.

Speaking of yarn and such. I just listed up these beauties in my etsy shop. Most of them are in the Superwash/Tencel blend and just in time for Valentine's day. All of them are new colorways except for, of course, Mountain Sunset. The colors are: Seduction, Be My Valentine, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Neopolitan, & Smooch. The pictures in the listings are much better than this one. The Tencel is so nice and shiny and gorgeous, but it doesn't seem to like the camera very much. I think that this will be the last of my dyeing for January, except for commissions. That is, unless magic elves help me catch up with all of the commissioned knitting I need to do.
Here is the entrelac "scarf" in progress. On Monday I dogsat for my parents. Molly is very motivational for getting my knitting done. She will go between this look and a sad depressed one until I come over and sit beside her and knit. What can I say, I just have to go knit when she is around. I just love her to pieces, she is such a good dog.

Though, for today I get a little break. Tomorrow is my mitten class and I have promised them a cable mitten as well as a colorwork and a plain mitten. This is the very last mitten, knit out of Nashua Superwash Color Olive #0034 for my husband. Thankfully I only have to get one done, then write the pattern for the class. I love teaching and it looks like this class is going to be a lot of fun. I am going to go play now for a bit, so happy knitting!


Bobbi said...

Congrats on the new "home"!

ahousefullofboys said...

Hello Miss Yvonne,
I was admiring some of the new colors of yarn.. I am sure I will HAVE to have a couple skeins of the new colors.. I will think about which ones and let you know. So I can go on my sock binge. As soon as I finish Rick's sweater.. Grrrrrrrr.