Friday, January 05, 2007

A little more something

Ok, so I am taking off a bit of time from the everlasting entrelac "scarf". I have the pattern up now, so it should be in the sidebar. Please pardon the state it is in right now. It is a readable pattern but it isn't 100% complete. This is just for those itching to go people who want the pattern. I have the top triangles in the pattern, but I haven't gotten to that part, so they may need to be altered. I also think I may have forgotten to put in the finishing part, but that is just sew in ends, block if you wish, etc... It will be in the final version, but until then the pattern is here. Oh, and it is actually loaded on my new website. I am also working away on that as well.

Actually I need a little help from all of you for a little project I want to unveil on my new site. I would love to start a gallery of finished objects made from my yarn. Like action shots and such. I really would love to see where my yarn has gone off to and what beautiful things it has been made into. Did you know that I have sold over 90 items in my shop since it opened? It is quite exciting for me to think about. So, if you haven't already, whip out those digital cameras and send me some pretty pictures. I'm hoping that the site will be up in a couple of weeks, probably just as soon as I get the entrelac "scarf" done.

My last break was actually to make this beauty. I know that one mitten doesn't really count as a finished object, but it should. I made it for the mitten class that I am teaching on Tuesday, which is also really exciting to me. I still have to make a cable mitten and type out the pattern(s), but that will all happen in due time. The only sad news about this mitten is that it is made out of some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran (which I absolutely love), but there isn't enough red to make a second one and (this is a big and) they have decided to discontinue making this color. I must say that this makes me uber sad because this was one of the most popular colors at the shop and one of my favorite colors. If protesting would do any good I would go out and do it! I think to make its mate that I am going to have to make it in the grey with a red stripe so that they go together.

One last thing, I joined The Organized Elf, which is supposed to help people like me get organized for Christmas 2007. Nothing too drastic, but just a way to knit things throughout the year so that there isn't that last minute struggle. The mittens totally count towards Christmas '07 presents, I'm just not sure who I would give them to since they fit me. Anyway, I think that I will probably post up some goals and such in the near future so I can keep on track. Check it out if you are interested. It is a really awesome site and hosted by Beverly who helped organize such wonderful swaps as the Sock Kit Swap that I joined last year and the Mitten Kit Swap that I wanted to join but didn't have time for.

I hope everybody out there is getting back in the groove for the new year.


Mims said...

dude. how much red yarn did that mitten take? i don't have the ball band anymore, but i'm pretty sure that it's what i used to knit this:

(the ring the upper right is red, the color printed poorly and looks even worse in the jpg, but that all i've used of the ball). i know it's not going to be the same dye lot, but since they are different mittens maybe that would be okay. i still have the rest of that ball, let me know asap if it would help becuase it about to be integrated into a scarf for the red scarf project. (how is that for timing? it's been sitting almost forgetten in the stash for almost a full year and just when i'm about to use it, it looks like an even better use might have popped up!)

penny said...

mims is nice to you, but i like the idea of grey w/red accent for the pair. [of course what i really need to do is label my mittens with LEFT and RIGHT] .. but here? it's not mitten weather at all. it's currently 68!!

kitkatknit said...

Someone I know made 8 pairs of red DB cashmarino aran fingerless mitts and was going to to all the thumbs last. She ran out quite a few thumbs ago and can't find the red anywhere!