Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year New Commissions

I just seem to be getting commissions left and right, which is good, very very good.

The first being 12 skeins of Mt Hood and 12 skeins of Columbia River from Chrissy. Thankfully I am all done with this set. I will make sure to let you know when the kits are available on her website. In the mean time go and check out her site and look at the fabulous kits that she already has up with Mama-E's fiber. I think Chrissy has a pretty good thing going. I also think that her Autumn in Oregon socks totally rock (which is the pattern in the kit) and I already have plans for making a pair.

Next commission up is this lovely blackberry yarn. Purple Blackberry to be precise. This is a commission from my etsy shop. I haven't totally made up my mind whether I am going to carry it or when, I really like it though, so we shall see. I actually am only going to do one little dye session for January and everything else is going to be commission only. For January only!!! I just don't have the time with all of the commissions I already am getting to really sit down and do a huge dye session for the shop. I can do a huge dye session for a commission though. So, if there is something that you really want, just let me know and I will dye it up for you. I have on hand my regular superwash sock yarn, the Tencel/Merino blend that is absolutely gorgeous, and Twist the worsted weight yarn that has a twist of color to it. So if you want any of those yarns dyed up just leave me a comment, email me, or message me through my etsy shop.

The first knitted commission is, of course, this gorgeous entrelac scarf. I have gotten quite a bit done on it, but there is still plenty more to do. I have 19" (20" blocked) and a mere 70" to go. Did I mention that in theory I am suppose to have this done by Friday? I am really happy with how the colors are turning out, but I worry that this thing is going to be like a blanket by the time I am done. It will most certainly keep the wearer warm though. It is made out of Miner Creek Alpaca in color Fiesta #112. Pattern coming soon (hopefully this week in fact).

The second knitted commission is one of my Art Deco bags in a raspberry / chocolate combination. I really like this combination and I can't wait to get started. I will also take knitting commissions, though I am pretty well booked through January. The pattern is available in my shop in paper and in .pdf if you want to make your own.

I hope that everybody is having a great new year!


penny said...

how yummy. you torture me. but sock yarn doesn't count for stash enhancement right? i'll email you...

(especially considering two balls of blue bernat sox followed me home) ?

Holly Jo said...

The blackberry is YUMMY - all those different shades of purple. Fantastic. Great dyeing. :)