Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Frozen Over Frog Pond

First the frogging:

Poor little Entrelac scarf. I had the brilliant idea that I should measure the scarf and make sure that it was actually 12" wide. It was actually 16" wide!!! Not exactly something I could hide in the blocking. Besides, it would also mean that I really wouldn't have enough yarn. The good thing though is that I can now keep even more careful notes as to how I am knitting this scarf. I was wondering if you guys would like the pattern written up as far as I have gotten, which is everything but the top triangles. I probably won't be to the top triangles until January, when the scarf is actually due. That means that the full pattern won't be up until then. If you want it sooner I can post the partial. So, let me know what you think: partial now or whole pattern later?

Now the frozen part of my Frog Pond. It is currently a toasty 25 degrees out here. Sad thing though, my dye pot has frozen over!!! No more dyeing for awhile. Actually it isn't my dye pot that is keeping me from dyeing. I'm just waiting for a yarn order. It should be here either today or tomorrow then I'll be back to my dyeing goodness.

Though the reason why I had to order more yarn is because I dyed up a whole bunch of yarn for my etsy shop. This is my new colorway, inspired by Destiny, called Truffle. It reminds me of decadent chocolates. It is so pretty and I love it.

Remember back when I first got my electric skein winder (click the link if you don't)? I said something about technical difficulties. Well those difficulties came in the form of two large skeins of yarn. So, I decided to dye them in two of my most popular colorways, Mountain Sunset and Blue Raspberry. There is enough in each skein to make a pair of knee socks for a regular foot, or two pairs of ankle socks, or a regular pair and a kids pair. The possibilities are endless!

Coming soon: Men Mitt Kitts


Anonymous said...

you torture me. oh how you torture me. thank you for torturing me. once i get a few more things on and off the needles i'll be playing in your store(s). :)

Fyberduck said...

it's funny how entrelac grows like that, isn't it? (in a not-funny, annoying, sort of way ;D)

Anonymous said...

I heart the blue raspberry. Do I have to have it? HMMMMM.. Maybe I NEEEEEEEEEEED it..