Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am just so happy that it is Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving, even if it means lots and lots of cooking. In my family we have so many dietary restraints that we have to make everything from scratch. My mother is terribly allergic to MSG and to anything with soy in it. My uncle is the same and also can't have any nitrites or he gets massive migraine headaches. I have Crohn's disease, which means that I can't eat anything with nuts, whole wheat, chocolate, or a whole long list of other things. I can eat pumpkin though, so I have been cooking up a load of pumpkin goodies!

I got most of my recipes from the Nestle site, they also make Libby's pumpkin. These are the Old Fashioned Soft Pumpkin Cookies. Thay are really good. My husband and I had to sample them last night for, um, safety. That's right. Just to make sure that they were suitable for the rest of the family to eat.

This is my most favorite thing that I made. It is the Sour Cream Pumpkin Bundt Cake. I really love bundt cake. More to the point I love bundt cake pans. Especially ones like this! I also made the Libby's Pumpkin Roll, but haven't taken a picture of it yet. I didn't make a pumpkin pie because I'm not very good at making pie crusts yet, I'm working on it. It also doesn't help that my parents have cut out hydrogenated oils and other oils like soy bean and vegetable, so shortening it out. We use a product called Rice Bran Oil, which is really good and good for you. So I am going to have to experiment with it some more to see if I can make a decent crust.

I went and shook out some of the powdered sugar outside and it landed on our hedge. I just thought it was pretty so I thought I would post it up.

Just in case you were starting to think this was turning into a cooking blog, here is some pretty handspun yarn to sooth your knitting soul. This is sock weight yarn. It is 80% Superwash Wool and 20% Tencel. You can see the tencel gives it shine that looks almost like silk. It is really pretty and I am really proud of it. I named it Dazzling Sunrise. It should be down at Knot Another Hat soon and up on my page. I forgot to take it in on Tuesday, so it probably won't be down there until next Tuesday. I am working this weekend (Saturday & Sunday) down at KAH, so come drop by and say hi if you are in the area.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Anonymous said...

Von- Wow! You are amazing. I can cook a little but with all the processed yucky stuff. You created beautiful treats that are even good for you.. Oh my! I think I want to be you when I grow up...
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will maybe come and knit a bit this weekend.

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing your goodies with us!! Those cookies are scrumptious!

kitkatknit said...

We tried stopping by KAH to see you on our way to Cannon Beach on Wednesday. You weren' there but I did buy a skein of your wild green and blue handspun! Destined for some shorty toe up socks I think (167 yds). We'll try to stop by tomorrowon our way back home. Hope to finally meet you.

Tammy said...

Hey, I make a good oil pastry crust with olive oil. It calls for vegetable oil, but I don't use that oil so just sub what I do use. My dad makes the flakiest crusts with crisco, but my dh says mine are better and just as flaky as my dads, so it depends on the baker. :) Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!