Friday, November 24, 2006

Yardage Meter

When I bought my Electric Skein Winder I said that I would probably sell my yardage meter and that I would give you a review. Well, I finally got the pictures taken and I have now listed it up on Ebay. You can check out the listing here.

Now for my review of the yardage meter. This yardage meter is made by Nancy's Knit Knacks, a very good company that makes quality products. I know that because I am selling this item that you are expecting that I will give a good review to it. For the most part that is true. This is a good quality product, but it just didn't totally fit my needs. I bought it with the intention of measuring my handspun yarn. Unfortunately, even though NKK says that this meter can be used for handspun, it probably shouldn't be used for it if you want a completely accurate measurement. The trouble comes, and NKK does say this too, is that the yarn, like most handspun, is uneven. Uneven yarns make the meter inaccurate by up to 10%. For me that is a big deal, because I want people to be able to buy my yarn and be able to use it in a project with completely accurate yardage, not an approximation. So, I the way that I find yardage is by using my Niddy Noddy and multiplying by how many times it wraps around.

This meter is, however, very good for things like commercial yarns that are even. Have a partial ball of yarn that you want to know how much is in it? This meter is perfect! I was using this for my sock yarn because it was very accurate for finding the 460 yards that is in each skein. The trouble came when I then needed to wind those 460 yards around my niddy noddy then dye them, then wind them again into a ball and then wind them again onto the niddy noddy. My electric skein winder, which is a dream, takes out the most strenuous of those steps. Yay! The yardage meter is ideal for someone who is measuring yarn periodically and not a high volume of yarn, like I am. It is a very useful tool for commercial yarn and can also measure ribbon yarn accurately. If you are interested in my yarn meter you can check out my listing on ebay where I am selling it at a highly reduced price. Also, you can ask me any questions here or through ebay! Thank you and have a very nice day after Thanksgiving!

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penny said...

hint has been passed on to E. it would definitely help me find the middle of sock yarns ! (and to make S's bathmat... I have a cone of kitchen cotton I have no idea how to split up)