Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Everything is Coming up Thrums!

We are home from our trip to Hawaii! I was going through some photos and realized that I hadn't posted these wonderful thrum photos! These are a couple of samples made for the booth from my friend Jill. Up top are the Thrum Mittens. They are made with 1 skein of MIO Columbia Aran in color Dark Roast and 1 skein of MIO Columbia Pencil Roving in color Mine, Don't Touch! for the thrums. 

Below are the Retro Thrum Slippers. Also made with one skein of MIO Columbia Aran in color Dark Roast and 1 skein of MIO Columbia Pencil Roving in color Mine, Don't Touch! for the thrums. Though you could probably use just one skein of the pencil roving to make both sets of mittens and slippers! They are both wonderfully cushy and warm. They would keep your feet snuggly all winter long!

Don't forget that if you buy them in a kit you save 10% on the yarn!

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