Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Birthday Extravaganza, part 2

So what is a birthday party / tea party without a party crowns to go with them? So I made up a few crowns for my kiddos. 

I let the birthday girl choose which one she wanted first and she went for the purple (rav link)!

The boy child picked the blue one (rav link)!

That leaves one extra pink (rav link) one for a guest when they come to visit! I used some Little Lehigh Pebbles for all of them, from my stash. The yarn has been discontinued, which still makes me sad. The yarn retailed for around $4-$5 and you could get an entire baby sweater out of one ball! I have a small stash of it left I'm saving for special occasions. 

The pattern is super easy. I highly recommend it. I memorized it pretty quickly and whipped these out in just a couple of days.

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