Wednesday, April 16, 2014

First Woven Scarf in a Very Long While

Back in college I just about ate and slept around weaving. I have a degree in textiles and business. Most of the textiles part of it was focused around weaving and then surface design and dyeing. After college I didn't really have the room for a loom and the looms I had weren't very fun to use. So I ended up selling them a few years ago. Recently I have seen a lot of excitement over the Rigid Heddle Looms. So, I was intrigued by them and thought it would be nice to have one. So my husband got me one for Christmas. I got a Schact 25" Flip Folding Loom. This is my first project: 

It sure feels good to be weaving again! This is one skein of my Panda Silk Sock yarn in color Mountain Sunset. I love it so very much. The colors are just beautiful in it. Honestly, I couldn't take a photo which did them justice!

That's a little better. I'm still not as fast as some! I can't quite whip one out in an evening, probably because I'm a bit of a perfectionist about my weaving. However, I did assemble the loom and weave this scarf in under a week. So, I feel pretty good about that! I have all sorts of ideas for projects, which I am trying to keep notes on. I have a whole Pinterest Board devoted to weaving patterns and ideas. It's a lot of fun! I even have some ideas for classes, so we'll see what happens there!

I will have this lovely scarf on display in my booth at the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival starting Friday night through Sunday. Make sure to stop by and check it out! Also, if you have any questions about weaving, feel free to ask me. I have a lot of experience and love to give advice!

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