Monday, April 14, 2014

Felted Scarf

This week I am getting ready for the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival! Yay! It's so nice to have a show practically in my own backyard! Anyway, while I was organizing things to take to the show I realized I never blogged about this wonderful scarf I had commissioned out of my Merino Tencel Roving

Isn't it gorgeous? The artist is Judy Nicols of Hood River. Her scarves are currently on display at the Oak Street Hotel. She bought fiber for me and showed me a few of her beautiful scarves. Each one is a work of art! I knew I had to have one for the booth!

Each scarf is made from 2oz of Merino / Tencel Roving. Which means that you can get 2 scarves out of one 4oz bundle of fiber! This one is out of Poppy Field. I love the transition of the colors and how well they work together. I'll have it on display at CGFF. Make sure to stop by and check it out!

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