Monday, May 21, 2007

Yarn is up!

I have just filled up my shop with pretty pretty sock yarn, so go check it out! I even included pictures on some of the yarn of it before it was reskeined. Let me know what you think.

I also just figured out the coolest thing. Apparently my shop has an rss feed, so that means that you can look at shop updates in bloglines and in other rss readers. Actually, you can do that for all of your favorite etsy stores. It is especially useful because I am not always the best at telling you guys when I do a shop update, so this would be a good way for you to find out when I post up new things before I mention it here. To get the feed go to my shop (or your favorite shop) and sign up for it like you would do for any other blog, or click the link in the sidebar that says "RSS this shop". It is so cool!

As a little more dyeing fun. This is a sneak peak at a bit of yarn that Wool2dye4 may be carrying in the near future. I was invited by Sheila to join a panel of dyers that test out new yarns for her and give feedback on what they think. If you want to start buying yarn to dye in bulk, just check out wool2dye4 for 8 oz hanks & 1 lb cones.

I also got these in the mail. Look at the pretty pretty sheepies. These are, of course, from Krafty1. As I mentioned in a previous post, she has a very pretty etsy shop. My mother wanted to frame one, but they are in reserve for swaps and gifts to my fiber friends.

Tonight I am teaching a dye workshop. More precisely Sarah and I are hosting a dye and wine night. The class is full up, actually overfull, with 9 people not including Sarah and myself. We are hoping to host a couple more of these over the summer for anyone in the area that would like to come. Believe me there isn't anything much more fun than dyeing yarn on a hot summer's evening.


Stephanie said...

... man, I'm tired of being on a budget! I want Raspberry Lemonade and Dragon Fire! Totally my colors! You're so good at putting together colors that I love!

Penny said...

must knit faster so i can buy more yarn.

i want Raspberry Espresso and sea turtle (which i've been eying for a year) and i want... ! i agree with stephanie, you choose the best set of colours! :)

Knot Another Hat said...

Great work last night - it was a huge success!

Bobbi said...

Oh, I'm SO glad that you liked the cards! I need to get to work on some more for the shop. Thanks for the encouragement!

knitty_kat said...

these are lovely are you going to use one for your sock pal?! I also really like the background you have for your blog