Friday, May 25, 2007

So Many Memes, So Little Time

I think I have now been tagged 3 times for the 8 odd, weird, interesting, just tell us something about you meme. I was tagged by Krafty1, my sockaplooza pal, and Herzeleid Knits I have also been tagged for another meme, but I figure I will do one and leave the other for a rainy day. I tend to also use memes as filler for when I don't have anything else to talk about, which is sad right now, because there is a lot to talk about, including a couple of new things I am knitting and a possible blog contest. Those will just have to wait until next week. So, here goes:
  1. The only ways I like to eat tomatoes are fresh and in ketchup form. I have never been a fan of spaghetti sauce.
  2. My mother would let me grate cheddar cheese on my spaghetti noodles when I was little instead.
  3. I was married when I was 19 and Blair was 20. On June 29th it will be our 5th wedding anniversary.
  4. My mom was also married at 19 and at my age right now had a 3 month old baby, namely me. (I was born in June, and she was born in October)
  5. My favorite food/meal is halibut fish & chips.
  6. I hate driving, especially in town. I am trying to get over this by driving my husband every morning to the shuttle that will take him to work. Though I can't say that I ever will enjoy driving.
  7. Before I came up with LavenderSheep as a business name I really wanted Dancing Sheep Designs, when I found out that it already existed and in Eugene too, which is where I was at the time. I actually prefer LavenderSheep now, because it is much more rare.
  8. When I was in college I had an idea of opening up a Coffee/Yarn/Gallery Shop that focused on fiber arts. I wanted to name it Coffee, Tea, and a Gallery, catchy isn't it? I even had a place all picked out, but they turned it into a bar instead.
Here is my 6 weird things from before.

I'm not going to tag anyone, but if anyone wants to do it and hasn't feel free.


So Much Fun said...

I forget that your mom had you when she was so young, can you imagine having a 3mo old now? Yikes, you would have to learn to knit one handed!

Quail Hill Knits said...

I always laugh when I read memes because of all similarities I seem to have with other knitters. for example, I am the same about tomatoes.
By the way, I like Lavendar Sheep as a name rather than Dancing Sheep. It is so much more unique and fits with the custom dyeing you do.

Shelly said...

where does one special order your sock yarn in a custom color? Please contact me at tink1944 at comcast dot net.