Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Extended Family Christmas

Yes, we went sledding yesterday. Well, at least sort of. We went up twice each and got to see a lot of other people out sledding. It was pretty awesome, but I think we are going to have to invest in a couple of intertubes, because they looked like a lot of fun. I didn't get any pics because I left my camera at home. We decided to keep going up the mountain (Mt. Hood) and it was just gorgeous out. Though, speaking of pictures here are the goodies that I made for my grandparents.

Some of you probably remember when I made these slippers. They are really awesome slippers. I didn't get to see my grandfather try them on yet, but I really hope that they fit and keep his feet warm. They are made from Cascade 220 in colors #9449 & #8555. The pattern is Fiber Trends Felt Clogs pattern. In fact it is the exact one that Brenda was complaining about on Cast-On. I love them and I thought they were really quick and fun to knit.

Then I made a feather and fan scarf for my grandmother. It is knit out of Miner Creek Alpaca, an exclusive yarn through Knot Another Hat. This is a brand new colorway called Log Cabin #117. I just love the reds and greens in this. My grandmother loved it too and that is what really counts.

Here is a close-up of the scarf. It is really light and fluffy soft in only the way that alpaca can be. I also didn't end up using the whole skein of yarn. I was afraid that it would be too long and would be too much for my grandmother to handle. It's finished length was 58" x 7 or 8" wide.

Also, here is a knitting project I forgot to tell you about. I took a class from Sarah on Moebius knitting. She took a class from Cat Bordhi herself and passed on her wonderful advice. Speaking of which, Cat Bordhi should be visiting us sometime in July. How cool will that be? I am knitting this out of Teseo in color Riviera Blue #21763. I just love how the yarn changes color and goes around the bag strap. It is a really amazing and mind bending technique.

Now that the holidays are over I can finally get to back to daily chores, such as house cleaning and laundry. Though according to this article, it isn't necessarily the best thing to be super tidy. Which is great news to all of us knitters out there that aren't perfect house keepers. I think I might have to send this link off to the Yarn Harlot. The article is awesome and definately worth checking out even if you are much tidier than I am.


Tammy said...

I'm glad you guys made it back down from the mountain. It seems everytime I turn on the news someone is being rescued, or not. Glad it's not you guys!! Your scarf for your grandma is beautiful!! I love that Feather and Fan stitch, my grandma did too.

Hey, while I am at it, consider yourself tagged. Stop by to see what you need to do.

Wendy DG said...

Sledding! I'm SO jealous. We finally managed to get below 75 degrees F. The clogs and scarf are awesome.

penny said...

sledding? lucky... as always, all your knitting looks very yummy. E sent me that article as well. I hope that means he'll start accepting my messes (mum always told me to stack piles and that was better than my normal method). Laundry is up to date, I cleaned out the fridge last night to find all of the tupperware and now they are all waiting to be washed. *sigh*

knittinmom said...

Okay, that article is awesome. I keep making these pledges to be tidier, but somehow it never happens. It's nice to know that maybe I'm just too creative to be neat ;-).