Monday, December 04, 2006

Big Store Update

I have been working tirelessly today to bring a couple of new things to my etsy shop for the holiday season.

The first are these awesome Man Mitts that I designed. They should fit most man sizes. They are a little long for a woman's hand, but if you have a long hand for a woman, they might just fit perfectly. I am now offering kits with my handpainted yarn and my one of a kind pattern. These mitts were awesome and very quick to make. They are perfect for the man in your life. They come in 4 colors: Mech, Cinder, Camo, and Columbia River.

The second new thing for the shop is: I am now going to carry gift certificates. So, if you aren't sure of what color to buy for that special person in your life or don't know what yarn to pick for the knitter/crocheter on your list, you can now buy one of these. I so far have $25, $50, & $100 available. I can also put up custom amounts upon request. I have only listed one of each up so far to see how they sell. I will post up more when I run out on the site.

Coming soon: 50% Merino/50% Tencel sock yarn.

Sneak Preview: I have a domain now! Thank to Peninah. Check out

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Anonymous said...

Nice work lady! I am so jealous of your quick knitted ideas.
Des... hehehe