Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Purple Majesty

One of the big projects I was working on this spring, that I couldn't talk about, was dyeing yarn for For Yarn's Sake's Sock Club. 

40 skeins of very intense purple goodness! The yarn they chose was my Cashmere Blend (MCN) Sock and sent me a photo of a purple landscape. I had a tough time because it is close to a couple of my current colorways, but I think I managed to infuse the purple awesome they were looking for. 

Anne posted the final sock pattern designed by their very own Anne Laird. I think it is absolutely stunning! If you want to see it, check it out here:

Also, if you want your own kit, sometimes they carry a couple extra in the store. Their website is: The colorway is exclusive to the club for at least a year, so I won't have it available until at least that time!

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