Monday, July 29, 2013

New Colorways Pages

I actually updated the Colorways Pages before I did the Custom Order Form, but blogging about the Custom Order Form reminded me I needed to show you guys the new Colorways pages. I'm really happy with how they turned out. 

From the walk through of the Order Form last time you'll notice that this is slightly familiar. I organized all of the colors into New, Semi Solid, Top 15 Colorways, and Other. So you can easily find the colorway you are looking for. 

When you click on any of the colors you now see photos of both the close up and the skein shot, so you really get an idea of what the colorway looks like. I have tried to pick out a good representation of each colorway. Then on the right you will see the unique description for the color. Followed by which yarn base is shown in the photo and a link so you can see if it is currently in stock or what other colors are available in that base. Then I included a link to the Custom Order Form so you can go straight from that page to ordering that colorway on the base of your choice. 

Slowly, but surely, I am working to get the website to be one integrated site, so things flow easily and all your options are at your fingertips. Of course it is only me doing all the dyeing, winding, packaging, and web development, so everything takes time. If you have an idea for a feature you would like to see added to the website, feel free to let me know. I'm always looking for ways to improve, especially for you the customer!

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