Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Workshop Wednesdays: Thrummed Knitting

This is my last Workshop Wednesday post, can you believe it? April will be here before you know it!

This last, but very far from least, class is on Thrummed Knitting with Michele Bernstein. Thrumming is where you add pieces of unspun fiber to the inside of your knitted item, thus making it extra warm and fuzzy. These booties are what you will be making in class. The top shows what the inside of the booty looks like when finished. The bottom shows the outside. They are both beautiful and functional! I know I would love to put my foot in a pair of these fuzzy booties!

Michele typically teaches this class in 2 hours, but for this special 3 hour class she is going to throw in additional tips and tricks, as well as background and history. It should be a very wonderful class. Definitely make sure to check it out!

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msubulldog said...

I made my first thrummed mittens this Christmas. I bet thrummed slippers would feel WONDERFUL!

Yvonne Ellsworth said...

I bet they would too! They would certainly be warm and toasty =)