Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Workshop Wednesdays: Rigid Heddle Weaving

I bet there are plenty of people out there who have a huge yarn stash like mine. I have sock yarn and baby yarn and worsted yarn. I have fancy yarn and plain wool yarn. I have often looked at it and wondered how I am going to get through all of it, will I have time to knit it all up? So one of the answers to this problem is learn how to weave! With a Rigid Heddle Loom you can easily weave a scarf in just an afternoon, which will eat up plenty of stash in no time! With more room in the stash that means there is room to buy more! I know the marketplace will be filled with plenty of temptation and delicious combinations of yarn which will make the perfect woven scarves, placemats, and more!

The only thing with this class is you have to come to class with a fully put together loom. There simply isn't time in class to set one up. However, most rigid heddle looms come with complete instructions and are easy to assemble before class time. A simple Google search will give you lots of options for where to purchase one including some local shops, such as Pacific Wool & Fiber in Newberg, OR and Weaving Works in Seattle, WA. I'm also sure if you purchase from a physical store there will be people there you can ask for help with the assembly of your loom.

I am also really happy to have Linda Gettmann back as an instructor to teach this class. She taught Kumihimo Necklaces last year and everyone in the class came out with a gorgeous finished necklace. I heard great reports about her teaching skills. So I know she will be a great teacher for this class. She has requested a smaller class size of only 12 students, so she can get around easily to every person in the class. I know this workshop will be really great.

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Beth Robison said...

I'm really looking forward to this class! By "Fully set up", do you mean warped? Or just ready to warp?

Yvonne Ellsworth said...

I mean ready to warp. The warping will be done in class =)