Monday, March 04, 2013

Mini Hewny Scarf

I am really excited about my Superwash Bulky Yarn! First off I finished my Moss Bolero out of it, which I love love love! Now I have knit this lovely Acorn Scarf (rav link) out of it!

See the little acorns the pattern makes? They are so adorable! I have a special love of acorns because when I was little my mother called them Mini Hewnies and the little cap on top was a Mini Hewny Hat. So to me this is a Mini Hewny Scarf. =)

The yarn, of course, is my Superwash Bulky in my new semi-solid colorway Dark Roast. It only takes one skein to make the scarf. Also, if you buy it in a kit you get a 10% discount on the yarn!

Of course I had to go take it outside for a few shots. I thought it looked great with my cream turtleneck and simple brown skirt. Also, the Plover Copper Leaf shawl pin just completes the outfit. I know the weather is changing to more rain than snow, but there is still plenty of time to wear this scarf before spring and summer really arrive! Also, it's a good time to get a head start on knitting for next fall. 

I also had to try wrapping the scarf another way. I love how versatile this scarf is! It really looks great no matter which way you wear it!

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