Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Workshop Wednesdays: Dyeing Lectures

I am very excited about adding these Dyeing Lectures to the class schedule. I love to dye and I know many others do too! I have been asked by countless people for dye classes at the show. The only problem is where to host a dye class in a hotel with brand new carpeting? Well last year I spied beside the downstairs marketplace was a kitchen. It is used by the hotel for catering purposes for weddings and such. So I got to thinking, wouldn't that make a great space to hold a dye class? Well this suggestion made the hotel very nervous. I promised we would keep it food safe, only natural dyes. Still the hotel wasn't sure. I even told them they very wonderful Deb Accuardi owns a restaurant and knows about kitchen requirements for keeping it clean they still weren't sure. So the brilliant Deb came up with the idea of them being lectures. Our hope is, if the classes are successful, we can maybe convince them to have a real dye class next year.

So here is what Deb is doing for each of the classes. There is one on Dyeing using materials found in your Kitchen, so things like onion skins, etc... The second class is on Indigo. For the classes she is providing lots of samples of things which have been dyed so you can see the finished results. She is providing a handout, so you can go home and try out the techniques yourself. She will walk you through the entire process, so you will feel safe and confident about trying it on your own. So everything a dye class has to offer without getting your hands dirty. I'm sure it will be phenomenal. Definitely worth checking out if you have ever been interested in learning more about either natural dyeing or indigo dyeing!

For More information on Dyeing with Kitchen Items (Lecture) check out here:

For More Information on Dyeing with Indigo (Lecture) check out here:

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