Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas Revealed!

Finally, I get to share some things that had to stay under the Christmas tree!

First off I whipped out this ruffle scarf (rav link) for my mom. The yarn is Tutu by Crystal Palace. It took me a little bit to get going with this yarn since it is knit through loops at the top. Once I got going it simply flew off the needles. I recommend the pointier the better with this project! Also, don't knit it around small children who might take it off the needles. It is near impossible to pick up dropped stitches. Though it knits up so quickly it was easily knit back up.

The second project was a beard (rav link) for my dad. He made a comment on one of my posts I put up on Facebook asking if the next thing I was going to knit was a beardo. I didn't know what a beardo was so I did a search online then one on Ravelry and came across this pattern. Of course I wished I had time to knit him a Dwarven Battle Bonnet! Maybe next year!

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