Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Have a Frabjous Day!

I just love Frabjous! They are such a wonderful company. I just love that even though they import things they make sure that everything is fair trade. It makes me feel very nice to support such a company. Anyway, I got some new goodies from them:

First up are these lovely leaf notions bags. They come in 3 different colors: Spring Green, Green and Evergreen. They remind me of little notion bags that elves might carry around. They totally speak Lord of the Rings to me. Can you just imagine the fair maid Arwen knitting away at a fine silken shawl with dainty stitch markers and finely crafted scissors held in this tiny bag? Nope, that's probably just me.

The other bags I got from Frabjous are these simple square bags. They come in Aqua, Blue, Green and Red. I like the simple bright colored striping. All of the Frabjous bags are felted and have zippers and linings in them. I also got in more baby sheep notions bags, but the mama sheep bags are on backorder, so I will just have to wait before I get more of those in.

Lastly, I got some lovely recycled silk fiber thrums from them. I am planning on mixing up some batts at some point. I just love mixing in recycled silk. It turns out so pretty in the final yarn. I figured as long as I was ordering some for blending I would order some for the shop too. I am selling it by the ounce, so you can get just as little or as much as you need. I also promise to put in a nice blend of all the different colors into each ounce.

Technically, I got a little something more, but that is top secret for now. I need to do a little experimenting to see if my idea works. If it does, I will make sure to share it here.

I do have some other new stuff to share, but it might be a couple of days. It requires a bit more work on my part before it all gets posted. I am just getting over a cold, so it feels really good to just sit at the computer and work on my site instead of moving about. I do have some projects to share too, so stay tuned!

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Aim said...

Lovely gets...I like that leaf bag, very cute! And the detail on the bags is great. The silk thrums look yummy.