Saturday, January 17, 2009

15 Minutes of Fame...

So, this last fall I was dyeing yarn for the Knit/Purl sock club. A huge endeavor, by the way. It was something like 200 skeins of yarn all dyed exactly the same color. I definitely learned a lot from the experience! I do have photos, but I can't post them quite yet. I want to make sure that every last person has received their package before I post anything. So I will share photos some time in February. There are a couple of hint photos that I have seen if you want to see them there is a picture of the packages going out on the Knit/Purl Blog and a covert sock photo on organizer Sara Morris's blog.

What has been really cool is reading all of the very nice comments in Knit/Purl Sock Club Forum on Ravelry. So many nice people have said so many nice things. It just makes me smile to read them all. I definitely am going to keep track of it for those moments when I am feeling down.

Another really cool thing that has come from the experience is my little 15 minutes of fame. I have been listening to a new podcast made right here in Oregon by Deb Accuardi called At the Kitchen Table. She is simply amazing. She talks about knitting and has her own goats and bunnies on a small farm. Then she talks about gardening. I definitely want to plant a vegetable and herb garden thanks to her. She has me looking at seed catalogs and planning for the next year. Then to top it off her and her husband own an Italian restaurant in Portland called Ginos, so she talks about incredible food and recipes that just make my mouth water. If you haven't checked out her podcast definitely do, it is well worth listening to.

What got my 15 minutes of fame on there is that Deb is a part of several yarn clubs where she reviews the yarn and package content on her show. The first part of Episode 7 talks about me and the latest edition of the Knit/Purl Sock Club. It was so exciting to hear such wonderful and positive things said about my yarn!


Tammy said...

Isn't it cool?!!

Deb has also gotten me thinking about gardening again. I actually went to three different websites and requested seed catalogs. I may end up at Bimart though for seeds this year, just to get me started. :)

Walden said...

Congrats and thanks for the link to her podcast, I am going to listen to it now!