Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yarn Harlot

Last night was my 3rd time seeing the Yarn Harlot. Let me just say that she was as incredible as ever!Here is the obligatory sock picture with the Stephanie. I also have one from last year and the year before that! She is such an exceptional speaker, both funny and inspirational. I can't wait to dive into this new book!

My partners in knitting hijinks this year refused to be photographed. I went with Teri, Lynn, and Ellen from the Stevenson knitting group. They were a hoot to travel with! Teri especially refused to be photographed, but allowed me to take a picture of her sock in progress. It is knit out of my superwash sock yarn in Lime. It is one of my new semi-solid colorways. I just love how it is turning out. I really wish that the camera that I took didn't hate indoors quite so badly, but I did get some good photos once I got home:

Here is my loot! I got 2 copies of Stephanie's book so that I can give one to my grandmother. I recently introduced her to Stephanie's books and she loves them. I am sure that the new one will be awesome! The other joy of having Blue Moon host the event is that they had Socks that Rock in a special colorway for the event. This is called Knitters Without Borders and every skein sold they donated $3 to Doctors Without Borders. Also for every book sold they donated the proceeds to Doctors Without Borders. I think the sock yarn will make wonderful socks for my husband!

The project I decided to take along was my very own Mine, Don't Touch! socks. I am almost done with these socks, though I think that I am not a toe-up fan. I had to take the heel out at least 3 times because the socks just kept being a couple rounds too short. I might try it again in the future, but for now I am going to stick with top-down. Also the yarn isn't the best example of the colorway because it is from back when I did 64" skeins instead of 72". I also do slightly different colors. Oh well, at least the finished one is super comfortable when I put it on! I'll just have to pick out another skein of yarn just for me!

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knitseashore said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I've seen Stephanie once and enjoyed her very much. I think it's so nice that the organizers usually do something for charity for her. When I heard her speak they asked us to donate cereal for the local benefit. Let us know how you like the book!