Monday, April 07, 2008

Frogging Right Along!

I have been going over some of my projects on the needles and I felt like there needed to be some changes:
First off is the skull socks, which are the dreaded project on the needles! This project has been ongoing for nearly 2 years! Which is inexcusable in a pair of socks, even if they are man socks! I got them out because I was missing material components to the rest of my projects. I was going to work on the socks and my husband said they looked big. That's right, after all of that they were baggy on his ankle! So he has negotiated for a pair of regular, non-colorwork socks, and a colorwork skull hat instead. This I can do! Though, I couldn't bring myself to actually frog the socks, not with all of that pretty skull colorwork! So I measured it and it was 12" around. Which, just happens to be perfect for a newborn or preemie baby. So I carefully took off the cuff, picked up all of the stitches, and I am going to shape the top and make a baby hat. Then I will frog the bottom to an appropriate length and magically it will be a tiny baby hat! Yay! That's one project reinvented!

Next project on the list I have been meaning to frog for awhile. I figured out part way into the forest canopy shawl that I wasn't going to have enough yarn to actually make a decent sized shawl. I went looking for more yarn, but the new skeins are not the same dyelot and couldn't be compromised into looking like the same dyelot either. So I have decided that I will make the branching out scarf instead! It looks so good as leaves and I think the branching out scarf will be just the thing!

On the actual knitting front I knit this bitty cupcake for a baby shower I went to last weekend. The theme was cupcakes and I thought this would be perfect for it! It was a really fast knit too. It is the cupcake pattern from One Skein and I knit it out of Little Lehigh Pebbles in color #1714 It's A Boy! and in Fizz Stardust in color #4309 cream.

The other project that I have nearly finished is the Harvey Kimono! Isn't it cute? I changed the gauge on it from 5.5 sts/in to 4.5 sts/in to accommodate the heavier organic cotton yarn. The yarn is Henry's Attic Organic Cotton Color Oz. The pattern is the Harvey Kimono from Natural Knits for Baby and Mom. It is a pretty fast knit. It also means a trip to the button store to find the perfect buttons! Yay!

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knitseashore said...

You make frogging sound positively joyful! The kimono is so cute. Have fun choosing the buttons!