Sunday, June 10, 2007

Yarn Harlot!

I will try to keep this all in order. I tried to take a few pictures to chronicle my evening, so let's go:

This is my haul! I went to Lint & to Knit Purl. Lint, because my friend Julia hadn't ever been there and she was headed in that direction. I love Lint, because it reminds me a lot of Knot Another Hat. It is very cozy, with comfy couches and a pleasant atmosphere. If I lived in Portland it would be my LYS. At Lint I got the skein of Helen's Lace and the two skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock. I'm not sure when I will get to them, but I love them. Besides, I couldn't pass up the Helen's Lace, it was only $44 there, where as everywhere else it is $50+. I'm not sure if they were getting rid of the last that they had or what, because there were only 4-5 skeins to choose from. Either way, I lucked out and snatched it up.

I love Knit Purl too, but for different reasons. I love them because they carry a lot of exclusive yarns that my LYS doesn't carry. They have Habu, Handmaiden, Shibui, etc... These aren't yarns that I am going to purchase every day, but for those special occasions, such as my birthday, it is totally worth it. From there I got two skeins of Koigu (in the middle) and that lovely periwinkle skein on the end is Sea silk. I just love to pet my seasilk. I now need to pick a pattern for it. *happy sigh* I also got the Dale of Norway book from them. I have decided to become a collector of Dale of Norway, because they keep discontinuing their books. I figure if I someday want to knit their adorable patterns that I will need to collect them now before they are all gone.

Anyway, back to the Yarn Harlot:

This was the room at 6:30pm, the Yarn Harlot was supposed to talk at 7:30pm. Thankfully we managed a chair or two in the back and had our knitting to tide us over. Apparently, some people had been there as early as 4pm to get seats. I just don't think I could have done it, especially since it would have cut out all of my yarn shopping.

Stephanie's lecture was, as always, wonderful. It was hilarious, but yet made me think. I think that is why we all love her so much. After her speech, we were all supposed to line up to get our books signed, but a few of us milled around and chatted first. This is a candid shop of the Tigard Knitting Guild group. I'm not sure of everyone in the picture, so if I miss you please shout out in the comments. I know there is Chrissy in the foreground (green top) and Katrina in the background (blue top). Also, Amanda is back behind Chrissy with her beautiful new baby boy. He was incredibly quiet throughout the whole proceeding.

I also saw a couple of other people from my college days there, which was quite surprising.

Julia and I decided that since we were the very last people in line that we weren't going to stand through the whole thing. Mainly it was Julia, who was brilliant enough to notice that they had replaced all of the chairs with a couple of wooden benches. So, we knit and waited and finally we got to talk to the Yarn Harlot ourselves. I got to hold the sock and Stephanie is holding my Sockaplooza 4 sock in progress. Stephanie is amazing and actually remembered who I was from her last visit and who Sarah was. Sarah couldn't make it, for obvious reasons, but I did get a book signed for her anyway.

Here is a close-up of the sock in progress. It is knit with Meilenweit solid color Navy and my own LavenderSheep Mountain Sunset. The pattern is Maze from the mosaic section of Sensational Knitted Socks.

Lastly, I gave a skein of my LavenderSheep Chocolate Raspberry Tencel Sock yarn to Stephanie. I hope that she will really like it. I didn't make it onto the blog this time, but that is very alright. Stephanie linked to Knot Another Hat in this post as a link for the Knitting Pure & Simple Neckdown Wrap Cardigan, which is the cardigan she just finished. I have been busy this week filling orders and keeping up with it all. It has been incredible. Both tiring, but yet exhilarating because so many people from all over the place were visiting us and buying patterns. If you are looking for the pattern, it will be in stock this next week. You can also order now and we will ship it out to you just as soon as it comes in.


So Much Fun said...

Oh vonnie! That is so exciting, love the yarn you got and what a great shot of you and H.R.H. The Yarn Harlot!

msubulldog said...

It was so great to see you at Powell's! Wish we could have talked longer. Happy birthday, by the way! Hope it was awesome--the Koigu, Sea Silk, and Helen's Lace help, I'm sure. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know that you posted pictures of our fun night with the Harlot here on your blog. Wasn't she fantastic? I'm STILL laughing over some of the things she said.

Fyberduck said...

Great haul! (had to say it) And fabulous socks you're working on there.

Penny said...

that is one beautiful pair of socks and lots of nice stash building! yay for birthdaysh!

ahousefullofboys said...

So bummed I had to miss it. I really would have enjoyed hanging out and listening to her in person.HMMMM. Maybe we should get her to HR sometime. Love the new additions to the stash. Can't wait to see what will become of them.

Chris said...

Yay! That was a fun night. I'm the one talking with Chrissy & holding the MomMA bag (Mom's Milk Anywhere, the breastfeeding advocacy group Chrissy & I founded).