Thursday, June 28, 2007

Black Sheep

Black Sheep Gathering was awesome! The only trouble is I was about an hour from home when I realized that I had left my camera at home. We were just too far to go back and still be able to keep our schedule, so I took pictures when I got home. I didn't end up getting as much as last year because I have a ton of stuff to spin up.

Well, I did have to get this little bit. It was dyed by one of the Twisted Sisters, Sandy Sitzman of Woolgatherings to be exact. I love her stuff. Traditionally I would get some of her stuff every year and spin and knit my mother a pair of socks. I'm not sure if it will happen with this though. Just look how pretty it is! I might just have to keep it for myself, we shall see. I also managed to see a copy of their new copy of The Twisted Sisters Knit Sweaters. It is so gorgeous, I had to sign up for my own copy signed by all 10 of the Twisted Sisters and Lynn Vogel herself. I'm not sure how to get on this list unless you see them in person. I do know that they will be at Oregon Flock and Fiber in September.

The Blue Moon booth did me in! I just love their new Silkie yarn. It is so pretty! The ball at the bottom is my first ball of Tofutsies, which Woodland Woolworks was having a sale on for $13.50 a ball. I just had to have it and try it out. As an excuse that Blue Moon skein on the far right was a mistake skein and was on sale for $12.50, so I couldn't leave it there all alone. Also, some people that have summer birthdays may see a bit of this yarn....but that is all I'm saying for now.

Blue Moon also really made me laugh with their bags this year. I thought this was hilarious, which goes to prove how easily entertained I am.

Here is some other yarn to drool over. When I got home this lovely yarn was waiting for me. It is the same yarn that the Yarn Harlot was knitting her colorwork cardigan. I even went through an entire German site to order this yarn, with the help of Google Translator. I must say that the process was pretty smooth and my yarn arrived quickly and safely. It just seems a little awe inspiring to me that these two skeins will make an entire cardigan that will fit me, at least hopefully.

I haven't been able to spin that much lately, but I was able to get this done. It is black wool with a multi-color sparkle mixed it. It is absolutely gorgeous. I named it Aurora Borealis. It is 4 oz 133 yards and is for sale at Knot Another Hat.

Finally, I have a finished object to share with you. This is the bonnet to the Perlemor pattern from Dale of Norway. I knit this with Dale of Norway Stork on 0s and 2s. It was incredible to knit, as all of their patterns are. Have I mentioned I'm a collector now? I actually have had this hat done for about a month, but I was waiting until I saw Sarah's little one before showing it off here. I ended up meeting up with her and Destiny's boys at a local park where the hat was perfect for keeping her head protected from sun and wind.


Bobbi said...

Love the Blue Moon bag! So glad you had a good time. Too bad about the camera. Welcome back.

Mokihana said...

I love the Blue Moon bag too!! I am going to get one at OFFF! Especially since we had a blue moon last month.

Your yarn scores are lovely! I have some Sandy Sitzman roving that I need to spin up... I love her colorways too. Neat lady. I always look forward to seeing her at OFFF.

Thanks for sharing!

Quail Hill Knits said... stash. I thought that the roving you brought back was very pretty. It will be interesting to see how it spins. And Blue Moon --- such wonderful colors. Obviously you did have a good time.

Debby said...

You found a lot of pretty things! Now what to choose first??

Penny said...

how fun! (i love that bag) and what wonderful stash and knitting! yay!