Monday, June 25, 2007

New Things!

Lots of things have been going on lately. First off two new sites that you must check out:

The first is Knitting Daily. I love this site so far. They have a ton of free patterns to sort through and fascinating stories about knitting. I think this is a great knitting community resource. The very best part is that it is free! So, if you haven't signed up already you should go and do it!

The second is Ravelry. I got my invite last week and it is incredible. They are adding people all the time so if you haven't signed up for the waiting list you should go do that too. I have been spending lots of time uploading all of the information for each one of my yarns, then uploading pictures to flickr, then to Ravelry. It is a lot of work, but it will be so awesome once it is all up. If you are already on Ravelry make sure to list me as a friend and check out what I have put up so far. I also have a design page, so I will try and get my designs up there soon too.

So, onto some new shop things for me. Introducing 2 new yarns.

I have now added a superwash sport yarn to my shop. Woolgirl got first dibs and is carrying it here. I love it so much. It is a very round yarn and is super fluffy like my other superwash sock yarn. It is perfect for those socks you want to whip out on 3s in no time at all.

The other yarn that I am introducing is Peru. It is 50% Alpaca/30% Merino Wool/20% silk. It is a very nice luxury yarn. Very soft and perfect for getting that head start on fall and winter knitting. I think they would make really nice mittens, hats or cozy scarf.

I also have 2 new colorways for sale right now, Monet in lace & fingering sock and Raspberry Espresso in Tencel blend Sock yarn.

I am currently working on getting a custom order form ready on my website (check out the new design). It will make it so much easier for people to pick their yarn and then pick their color so I can custom dye it. I have so many colors and so many different yarns now it is hard to put up a skein of everything. I will let you guys know when it is up and running.


Karen said...

Sweet! What a busy busy bee you've been!

Penny said...

:) very nice.. you temptress you!

knitseashore said...

Thanks for the knitting daily site. I will check it out! I'm on ravelry too and will look for you.

The headband is coming out nicely so far. :)

Quail Hill Knits said...

I keep hoping that I will get my invite to Ravelry soon. I really want to organize my stash so I know what I have for a project before I go showing for more yarn ....oh, wait. on second thought I still want to shop for yarn......on well, I still want to organizemy staff.