Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has most certainly sprung around here! I looked out my deck the other day and saw all of these daffodils sprung up from no where! It is so pretty!

The other great thing that has been going on is that I have joined a knit group! The lovely ladies of Stevenson invited me last week to come to their weekly meetings, which are held here! I just couldn't resist. Below is a picture of the view from where we knit! Isn't that awesome? What makes it even better is that it is near my grandmother. So once a week I get to go see her and catch up on the family gossip. Some things that I learned this week: My grandmother is a huge Hillary supporter and watches American Idol!

I have just added some new things to my shop. I have been knitting too, but I have had this sewing bug lately. Actually I sat down at my sewing machine to do my first steeks! They turned out fine, but I think I will be able to do an even better job on the next project. Now that I know how it is done. I might try the crochet method sometime too! Of course this is on the project I can't share with you guys quite yet. Though, check out Destiny's Blog! I might be sharing with you guys sooner than I thought!

Anyway, back to the shop update! I like to collect fat quarters of fabric. In fact I enjoy making project bags for myself and giving them as gifts around the holidays and such. I love them for carrying a ball of sock yarn around. They are also great for mitts, which is what I have been using mine for lately. I just have now made more than I can use, so I thought I would put the extras up in the shop. I'm not sure that my sewing bug is quite gone yet, so there might be a few more up in the future. We shall see!

Also in shop news: I have already sold 2 skeins of the Charlie Yarn! I am so excited by this project and the great feedback I have been receiving! Debby also told me that they have raised over $130 this first week. I am always so impressed with how giving and wonderful knitters can be! I have added a little detail to the sidebar to keep track of all of the skeins sold and all the info that you'll need to find out more about it!


Bobbi said...

I want spring, but we still have a foot of snow!

Knitting said...

Excellent post!! Nice Pics,U r doing gr8 job.Thanks buddy for sharing.
keep up the work.

knitseashore said...

Thank you so much and also your customers for supporting Get Your Guts in Gear! (and please send some of that spring! No snow, but no flowers just yet either).