Friday, March 28, 2008


That's right, it is snowing outside. Here is what is left of the lovely daffodils:

This is pretty much the same photo as the one that I took 2 weeks ago.

Only yesterday the weather looked like this! Sure the snow was creeping down the hills, but I figured it would pass right over the top of us! At least it is good for knitting. I can't show you everything I am working on quite yet, but I can show you a couple of things:

The Harvey kimono is coming along quite nicely. I didn't have a holder handy, so I have slipped all of the pieces onto a spare straight needle that was nearby. The pieces use a 3-needle bind off to attach them at the shoulder. So everything is on hold until the sleeves are made. I am making it out of Inca Cotton from Henry's Attic. I am just so amazed at how soft this yarn is knitting up! It is incredible. I definitely have some ideas in mind for future projects with this yarn!

Lastly, I started a Felted Clog from Fibertrends with my class a couple of weeks ago. Both of my students were really fast, so I had to knit this extra quick to stay up with them! It was such an awesome class! Our last class was last night and everyone had at least one clog complete. This one is actually an experiment. I am using my handpainted worsted wool in color Bad Girl for this clog! The yarn is doubled and both strands ended up matching up without me even trying! The accent color is Cascade 220 in Color#9469 Hot Pink. I love them! I am pretty excited to see how they will felt up. Now to just get the 2nd one done! Though with the weather like this I may just have to stay in and knit! I think that these are going to be put away as Christmas gifts in my Christmas box for next year's gifts. If you are interested in trying out your own pair I still have one skein of the worsted for sale in my shop in color Provence. Wouldn't it look pretty with either a green or purple accent? I also have plenty undyed on hand if you would like to special order a particular colorway. I think I might just have to go dye up some more!


Bobbi said...

Do NOT send your snow east to WI!!! After a week without snow and feeling warmth, actual warmth on my skin, I say "no" to snow.

penny said...

Please, I agree, please do not send snow east. Not that I've had much here in Brooklyn this year, but I'm ready for warmer weather.

Those clogs look quite nice!