Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Whole Lot of This and That

I am feeling much better. Thank you all for your kind words and well wishes. It is a doozy of a bug. I hope that everybody who gets it gets over it quickly. Ugh!

Anyway, onto a much happier topic. I have been painting yarn the past couple of days. Yes, that is three bars filled with yarn on my drying rack! Mainly for a big order and secondly for my Etsy shop. My shop is going to be in the Etsy showcase tomorrow, so I was hoping that I would get a bunch of yarn done for all that advertising. I didn't end up getting a whole lot, but that's ok. The big order came from Jen who is going to open an online shop devoted to Indie sellers called It isn't up yet, but when it is I will make sure to let everybody know and where to buy my pretty yarn.

As a little note. Yes, I am now selling wholesale to vendors, but there are conditions. I am very picky about who I sell my yarn to. I won't do consignments (except for KAH) and I need to know and like the person and their shop. There are lots of shops online that carry Indie and I don't want to sell my yarn somewhere that it will get lost in the masses. I'm also selective because I have my own mental and physical health to consider. Dyeing is exhausting and there is only me in this operation. I like the people I have chosen to carry my yarn because they are awesome people and I have been lucky to get to know each one. (It also helps that they are all close by, KAH is in Hood River, Chrissy in Portland, and Jen in Oregon City). As a last little thing too, I love to dye, but I'm not 100% sure of how long I will be dyeing. There aren't any worries at the moment, but when I plan to have kids I am going to have to give up dyeing at least for a bit. The chemicals that are used in dyeing aren't healthy to be around during pregnancy or nursing. Neither are in the immediate future, but it is something that I have to consider.

Ok, here is some pretty yarn to distract you from all of that serious talk. It is 16% recycled silk and 84% Corriedale Wool. It is 4.75 oz (134 grams) and 128 yards. I have decided to name it Sari Aqua, because of it being made from the silk waste from Saris. It is Worsted Weight (Needles 7-9US). It will be for sale at KAH for $20. I did hand mix this on my drumcarder, which was a lot of fun.

I thought that I would mention that Chrissy has a post up where she knit Columbia River and Mt. Hood into her original patterns. They are very pretty. She is also going to design a simple rib pattern that will look better with handpainted yarn, which is really exciting. Oh, and speaking of Chrissy, have you seen these socks? Well, I have. I test knit them for Chrissy way back last June. They are really really awesome socks. I am only disappointed that they didn't show the back of them as well as the front, because both are really awesome. They are a fun and gorgeous pair of socks to knit. I might just have to knit myself another pair. By the way, that model must have really long legs. They went up to just below my knees when I tried them on. How weird is it to see something that I knit appear in a magazine (or at least on their site)? It must be even weirder (or way way awesome) for Chrissy to see something that she has designed appear in a magazine.

Ok, so one last thing. Craftbits asked if it would be alright for them to publish my pattern for the Holiday Bag on their website. Pretty much they collect free patterns and put them all in one place. They are funded by advertising, but they don't have a garish amount, so I figured it would be alright for them to put my pattern up there. I was really grateful that they asked my permission first and attributed the pattern to me. It is also a pretty interesting site and I thumbed through quite a few patterns on their site.

Ok, I think that that is everything for now. I know this is a pretty long post, but a lot of things have been going on. I hope that everyone out there is doing well and that you don't get the nasty bug that I had!

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slow unraveling said...

omg thank you for talking about chrissy's cable pattern...i am just about to cast on for my blue raspberry knee highs and was planning on plain stockinette but i think now i'll try these! yeah!