Sunday, February 25, 2007

How long must it go on?

Ok, so winter has not left us quite yet. We got a nice little snow storm yesterday. I forgot to get pictures yesterday, and it is over half way melted when I got up this morning. We still might get some more this week and I'll take photos then. Though this is not what I am talking about in the title.

This is what I am talking about in the title. The entrelac scarf that ate Hood River!!! So, I was so excited that I got my 90" or at least it would block to 90", same thing right? Well I wanted the person who commissioned it to try it on before I did the final top triangles, just to make sure that it was long enough for her. She wants it to wrap twice around her neck and hang down a little. Well, she tried it on and I think that the ball of yarn just got to her. All that wasted yarn. So, she wants me to finish the ball. Believe me this was highly disappointing. I'm not bitter, just slightly daunted by the idea that I have to keep on knitting on the thing. I think that I am going to have to swear off all commissioned knitting from here on out, though don't quote me on it. I am going to keep just knitting away and hopefully someday somebody will find my remains buried under the longest alpaca entrelac "scarf" that anybody has ever seen. Just for your information, that now means that the "scarf" will be somewhere around 100" long. I'm not even sure if I have enough space to block something that long, but I will give you an actual finished measurement when it is blocked.

I don't really have any other news. I'm going to go now and bury my sorrows in lots and lots of entrelac knitting. I am consoling myself that she is going on vacation until the end of March, so I don't have to have it done until then.

Update: Apparently I have a solution!!! I wrote the above much earlier, then headed off to work and the Sunday help session that I teach. Sarah was teaching the last Entrelac class and they gave me some great ideas. One of the ladies crocheted a border all around the edge to make it a little sturdier. I like the idea so much that I think I will do it, but block it first. The picture is of it blocking. I thought I would measure it while it was all laid out and I got a very nice 105" (which stretches from my tv to my couch), so I think everyone involved will be very happy.


Penny said...

:D Yay!

Karen said...

Yea! Sarah was telling me the story of the scarf on Saturday. I had fun seeing you again! And the zoo trip with dad went well.