Monday, February 12, 2007

Pitter Patter

Do you hear that pitter patter? Pitter patter, pitter patter. That is the sound of lots and lots of people having babies all right around here. Well, there is Sarah, then our friend Lindy (a shop regular), Tina (another shop regular), then my husband's boss's wife, and my husband's coworker's girlfriend. It has inspired me to knit. Mainly to knit little tiny baby booties and lots of them. I figure that I need an emergency supply.

Here's what I have so far. I have decided to use up my Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino stash on adorable baby booties. No two sets are going to be the same. The pattern that I am using is from Dale of Norway's Soft Treasures book from the Fanasaeter set. I'm just going to keep making booties until I run out of yarn.

In yarn dyeing news: Look at all of this beautiful yarn that is going out to Woolgirl. I'm not quite ready to send it out. I ran out of blue dye and I still have 4 skeins of Corduroy to dye up, which should be really really pretty. I also have some special yarn dyed up for Peninah that I should have photos of next time.

In website news: I updated the website here and there. I added this new colorway, Strawberry Shortcake. I know that it looks mostly red, but it is actually pink, red, green, and white. After I got so many comments from people who remember Strawberry Shortcake, I felt that there needed to be a colorway in her honor. Of course, it sold immediately from my shop, but I am planning on making more, just as soon as that dye order comes in and all of the above skeins are shipped out.

As a last note, Happy Valentine's Day to all!!!


Bobbi said...

Wow! For a moment there I thought you were about to break news to the world; pitter, patter. Whew.
Maybe you and I should start a bootie call KAL!?! Haha.

Sarah said...

I want that entire bag of Mine, Don't Touch that's in the upper right corner, please. Now.

So Much Fun said...

Oh baby booties! That is going to be so cute when you have a pile of tiny booties, great idea!