Sunday, September 24, 2006

Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

Yesterday Sarah and I headed out to Oregon Flock and Fiber. Sabrina couldn't make it this time, oh well, maybe next year =). We had a lot of fun and spent lots of money on lots of pretty pretty things. It makes me so happy to have all these pretty things just in time for winter.

Two of my favorite being:

Blue Moon. How much more can I say than that? I was so very very sad that Knit Purl is no longer selling them. I even kept myself from buying any of their yarn at Black Sheep, because I could get it at Knit Purl, but alas no (maybe Knot Another Hat can get an account soon =)). So, I knew that they would be at OFFF and decided I would get a skein. I got Fire on The Mountain and I have plans for this yarn. I am thinking Entrelac Socks (like those on See Eunny Knit). Sarah thinks that I should start an Entrelac-A-Long, but I'm not sure if there is that much interest.

My other major interest is in Dicentra. I love her, well everything. She is a fantastic dyer and she names practically everything after Lord of the Rings things. What could be more cool than that? My favorite color of her's is Pellenor, which is simply gorgeous. I have yarn all for myself that I spun from one of her Blue Faced Leicester rovings (in Pellenor). I have plans for an Entrelac bag from it (see I'm hooked). There are other vendors that I love, but I either didn't get pics of them or they don't have websites. If I think of more I will make sure to put it up here. However, I did take some random fiber pics just to give you an idea of everything that is there.

Random Fiber =)

Random Spindle with an adorable Sheep Case.

More Dicentra, but sold through Crown Mountain Farms.

There is Sarah with all of her goodies. I am sure that she will have a post on her blog. I think she had a lot of fun too. After all this is just the beginning of her spinning stash and I think she got plenty to work on over the winter.

Finally, here is everything that I bought. It is all so lovely and just wants to be spun. I think I might be able to hold off for a little bit and get some things spun out of my stash first. many ideas. I hope that this inspires more people to come to OFFF next year or even to Black Sheep or any other fiber festival in your area. They are lots and lots of fun.

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