Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Better Late than Never

I feel like I haven't posted in awhile even though my last post was only on Sunday. Also, I tend to be a morning blogger and having to wait all day has made me feel late as well. The reason being this little bitty:

This is my parent's dog Molly. They went to Portland for the day so they asked if I would babysit. I just couldn't say no to this bit of fluff, especially since I was planning on knitting today. She is literally a lap dog and enjoys nothing more than laying on or next to my lap snoring away. The only trouble is it made it difficult to take pictures, hence the late blogging. For anyone who wants to know she is a miniature schnauzer and she is 9 years old.

Now for what I have accomplished today. The new class schedule for fall is up and I am making samples for my class. I am teaching a couple of new classes this fall. I am teaching Sarah's Beginning Hat class, a Felted Garland class (similar to the one in Handknit Holidays), and then a Last Minute Knitted Gifts class close to Christmas. The last class is the one that I was knitting for. I am making eye pillows as one of the four project options (the other 3 are a hat, a ribbed scarf, or a small bag). The design is my own. The first one is just a plain knit square and the second one that I am designing will have a cable across it. Pictured above is the plain knit (back side) blocking with the two liners filled with lentils and lavender. They are made from La Luz silk color #17122 Quince, which is super soft and super luxurious. They will be awesome for gifts and perfect for my class. What is great too is that I'm pretty sure that I can get probably 3 out of a single skein. The pattern will be available at Knot Another Hat and I will have further details when they are both done.

Update: Here is the yarn for the prize for our Yarn Drive. If you want more information check out this post and then this addendum. We are still accepting yarn through October 15th, so there is still plenty of time to get your name in the drawing for this yarn or a $20 gift certificate to Knot Another Hat.

In Other News: I have finally converted Sarah to the dark side. She got a Lendrum for her birthday! She took me along on Wednesday to Woodland Woolworks and she bought her very own spinning wheel. She has been spinning away and I already need to teach her how to ply. To read more about it check out her blog.

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