Monday, September 08, 2014

Fetching Mitts

Last week or so my husband had a conference at work. One of his coworkers is from Dublin, Ireland. She likes to bring things for the people she is visiting and asked Blair what she could bring for me. I, of course, mentioned yarn and pointed her to the very nice yarn shop we visited when over there. She isn't a knitter herself, so asked for color and yarn ideas. Thankfully they have a Uniquely Irish section on their website and I picked out some Soft Donegal Tweed and gave her some colors ideas.

So, of course, if she is going to bring me yarn, I knew I had to make her a little something. So, I whipped out a pair of Fetching Mitts (rav link) in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran from my stash. She likes dark colors, blacks and navy, so I thought she would like them. She did! She said my knitting was very even and that she would have to hide them from her sister. =) I'm glad they were well received and it's also quite an honor to have my knitting go all the way back to Ireland. We are thinking we might just need to make another trip over there sometime!

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