Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Workshop Wednesdays: Steeks & More Steeks

Mary Scott Huff is back for another year! I have already talked about her Stranded in Your Hat Class. Next up are her Eeek! Steeks! and Sexy Shapely Steeks classes. Her classes are simply amazing! In the Eeek! Steeks! class Mary walks you through 3 different ways to create a steek. What are Steeks? Well, steeking is the act of cutting your knitting after you have knit it. It comes in handy for a lot of things, especially color knitting. Color knitting is easier to do in the round, but on sweaters you have to divide for sleeves or even for the front of a cardigan. Steeking makes it possible to knit these things in the round and then cut afterwards. I did a bit of steeking myself on a baby sweater here and another baby sweater here! Once you try it out you will see so many possibilities!

In her Sexy Shapely Steeks you then take steeking to a whole new level! You use your steeks to actually shape your garment. This is a great way to take a pattern which had no shaping and add your shaping after you are done knitting. Also if you have a favorite sweater but hate how it looks like a bag instead of being figure flattering this class will teach you how to fix that! This is one class I really wish I had time to take. I think it will be simply amazing and mind blowing with useful information. Make sure to check it out!

For more information on Eeek! Steeks, check out here:

For more information on Shapely Sexy Steeks, check out here:


Anonymous said...

I have a quick question on Mary's Eek! Steeks! class. The class description refers to "class swatches (homework)" as something to bring to class, but doesn't provide any details about those swatches. Is there a link missing? I'd like to know what the homework is before signing up. Thanks!!!

Also, I thought you might want to know that the links in this blog post to that particular class don't work. The "Sexy Shapely Steeks" links work, though, which makes it easy to get to "Eek."


Yvonne Ellsworth said...

Hi Amy, The homework is a .pdf which is emailed to you with your confirmation for the class.

Basically the swatches are 3 - 4"x4" colorwork swatches done in a basic checkerboard pattern, so you can try out the 3 different steek techniques for the class. Let me know if you have any more questions! Thanks!

PS. I fixed the link in the post so it should go straight to the Eeek! Steeks! Class. Thanks!