Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Workshop Wednesday: Portuguese Knitting and Turkish Socks

Portuguese Knitting has been a successful class the past two years! The class has filled up and I'm sure this year will be no exception! I'm really excited to have Teri Zipf back for another year teaching this wonderful class!

In addition she came up with the brilliant idea of teaching Turkish Socks in the Portuguese Style. So if you already knit using Portuguese Knitting this class is a great way to expand your knitting horizons! The class will go over knitting colorwork using Portuguese Knitting as well as history and examples of the Turkish Sock Knitting tradition. I took a class many years ago on Turkish Socks. I was simply amazed by all the different intricate patterns and colors used. So when Teri suggested teaching this class I jumped right on it. I know it will be simply amazing.

So, if you don't knit Portuguese there are a couple of options we have come up with in case you still want to take the class. The first is if you don't knit Portuguese Style, but you are proficient knitting stranded colorwork with another style then you are welcome to take the class. Teri is fully versed in the Portuguese Style, but isn't as comfortable with other styles so may not be able to help you. The second way to take the class is if you take the Beginning Portuguese Knitting Friday afternoon you should be ready to tackle the Turkish Socks Saturday Morning. If you take both classes you will be well on your way to being totally converted to the Portuguese Style. So make sure to check out both classes!

The link for Beginning Portuguese Knitting is here:

The link for Turkish Socks in the Portuguese Style is here:

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