Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New! Plover Shawl Pins

 I'm so excited to share the brand new shawl pins just in from Plover Designs
This is the Copper Line. I wish I could share a video with you of how this pin works. Pretty much you start with it facing you and then it goes through your shawl and flips over to make the design. It stays put and won't come out. I sat next to Donna at OFFF demonstrating this pin over and over and it was simply amazing! 

Here it is in Aluminum through a shawl. It looks so modern and classy. I love it!


The other new design is a Shooting Star shown here in recycled Aluminum. It works much like the line, using the tail to flip over and stay in place. 

Here is the Copper through a shawl. It really looks like a shooting star!

Note: I am going on vacation. So any orders placed October 19 - 28, will be shipped October 29th! Thanks!

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