Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I have a new pattern for sale! This is Snowbunny! I know you are thinking it's getting too warm to knit hats and cowls and mitts, but actually these projects are perfect for on the go knitting! They are small and portable. Also, by the time it is fall you already have warm projects to wear!

I started by designing this set for my son out of handspun I made in college. I love this yarn! It is part merino part angora. I've long lost the exact makeup and have no idea how to get my hands on more, but sometimes you just do what you can. While I was knitting it up I was inspired to combine my Angora Lace Yarn with my Superwash Sock Yarn, so I could sell the pattern with my yarn! You can easily substitute any of my other sock weight yarns for an even more luxurious combination!

Here it is knit up with one strand of Superwash Sock in Sea Turtle and one strand of Angora Lace in Summer Sky. It is so incredibly soft! I handwashed and blocked the set and the Angora simply bloomed out in a soft halo. Also, since the angora is long haired, it didn't shed any fiber during the process! I love love love this yarn! 1 skein of each will make the set for all sizes, except the largest. Sizes are Baby, Child, Small Adult, and Large Adult. The hat and mitts are both knit top down for the best fit and most use of your yarn! There are more details on the website here, where it can be purchased. You can also purchase it through Ravelry here. Thank you!

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