Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Introducing Constance (rav link)! For a long time I have thought it would be nice to have a baby size model for the booth. 

So, one day while I was poking around Ravelry I came across this pattern. The original is simply adorable! The designer is from New Zealand, so I was a little hesitant to buy the pattern at first. I'm super glad I did! The pattern is one of the best I have ever knitted. It is written practically row by row. There is incredible detail in the pattern, down to things like a tiny indent for a navel and a crease for the butt cheeks.

I only have 2 wishes for this pattern, to make it better. The first is I wish I had better doll making & embroidery skills. The pattern walks through step by step how to do all the finishing touches, like fingers, face shaping, toes, ears, etc... My skill and knowledge of different sewing techniques made it a little difficult and I had to take things out a couple of times to fix them. I know more practice would make it better. So maybe I'll make another in the future. The other thing I had trouble with was finding baby flesh colored yarn. I looked through tons of yarn and most of them were either too yellow or too orange or too pale. The pattern calls for a DK weight yarn on 2.5US (3mm). I finally settled on Cascade 220 color #9601 Pink Taffy Heather, which is a worsted weight and used a #3US needle. So my dolly came out around a 6 month size, instead of newborn. I don't mind her size at all. I just wish I could have found the yarn in DK. I will be on the lookout for such a yarn and if I find one, you will see another of these on the needles!

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Anonymous said...

With added hair this would mak a super knitted doll for your daughter.
Hope you're keeping well.
Anne (Jones)