Monday, May 21, 2012

CGFF Wrap Up

I finally feel like I have everything wrapped up for the most part from the CGFF. Lots and lots of little details to give it a nice put away feeling. I have been knitting a ton lately, mostly in preparation for the little one coming a few short weeks! I just have a couple of things from the show left to share with you and then maybe I can feel like it is finished for 2012!

I really wanted to share with you how blessed I am to have such awesome vendors! They are really the most generous group of people I have ever met! I especially want to thank Alpha B and Rainbow Farms Pygora for giving me little treats in appreciation for my work as vendor coordinator. It makes me feel so good to be appreciated!

On top of all the lovely goodies above I couldn't resist a few I saw in the marketplace. More fiber from Rainbow Farms Pygora (the two in the back). The brightly colored one is dyed Ramboullet, which I am dying to spin up! The one in front is from Woolgatherings and is dyed tussah silk and black alpaca. Both are scrumptiously soft. Too bad they may have to sit and wait until I have time to spin again post-baby.

The other last things to check out are:
The photo gallery
The Raffle Prizes and their winners
The Treasure Hunt Prizes and its winner
The General Survey - Please fill out if you plan on attending next year!

I have some last things to finish up on the website to wrap things up and then it should be all put away. I'm hoping to blog more regularly. I have lots to catch up on!

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