Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Workshop Wednesdays: Snowdrop Scarf

Snowdrop Scarf is taught by my good friend Donna Arney. Donna shares a booth with me at all of the shows I do. She is part owner of Gardiner Yarn Works and her and her husband own Plover Designs. Donna is my hero and has saved me more times in the booth than I can count! I love how steady and practical she is. I haven't had the joy of taking a class from her, but I have heard from her students that she is really awesome in the classroom too! She teaches a class once a week at All About Yarn in Tigard, OR. Her class is a help with anything class. She has a following of students who have taken her class for years, going from project to project. Her students are so loyal they even bought yarn back in September from our booth at Oregon Flock & Fiber in anticipation of her class in April!

The class she is teaching is the Snowdrop Scarf class. Donna originally designed this scarf to teach a beginning lace class. It was then added to the Gardiner Yarn Works line and is one of their hottest selling patterns. I have knit the pattern myself as a booth sample and simply loved it. It's very easy and makes a beautiful end result. I had the pattern memorized in no time! The scarf just flew off the needles!

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