Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Workshop Wednesdays: Portuguese Knitting & More Portuguese Knitting

Portuguese Knitting was a huge success last year! Portuguese Knitting is a different way of knitting where the yarn goes around the back of the neck or through a Portuguese knitting pin to tension it instead of being tensioned by the hands. For people who suffer from carpal tunnel or arthritis this method can help, since the hands move much less than other methods.

Teri Zipf is an absolute guru on the subject. She even makes her own Portuguese knitting pins! In addition to teaching her Portuguese Knitting class she has added an advanced class for learning lace and colorwork. Between these two class you should be ready to tackle knitting anything in the Portuguese style.

The class was a huge success last year and is already half-way booked for this year! Make sure to sign up before all of the spaces are gone!

For more information on the Portuguese Knitting Class check out:

For more information on More Portuguese Knitting check out:

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